My name is Tom Stewart and if you are viewing this then I have probably applied to work for you in some way whether that be a full-time position or a contract/freelance type of agreement. I prefer a work environment that keeps me learning at my edges and always pushing forward with technology. If I am not actively engaged in a project, I will be working on planning the next one. And when the work is done and there is nothing for me to do, I fill my remaining time with creative pursuits. I would like to apply this enthusiasm to focus on a project and work with your team to drive success for us all.

I enjoy challenges and a unique work experience. I am battle hardened with diving into complex environments and figuring out how they work and then finding ways to improve them for the company’s and customers satisfaction. My attitude towards getting great work accomplished in a speedy manor plus my background in large diverse (mostly Linux) system orchestration, scripting, automation, SRE best practices, make me a great asset to any team. I am a flexible worker that can work independently and achieve great results, but I also value and encourage a strong team focused environment for those times when things are not working well. It is paramount to have trust between colleagues that we can solve any problem together.

I am most interested in joining a highly-collaborative remote-work friendly culture and an organization that is committed to improving lives through some social initiative or core values. The single greatest objective qualifier that I am looking for in companies offering new opportunities, is for the value of my and my co-workers output to do more measurable good to this world than harm. If your company shows these values through action, then I would love to talk with you.

Father and DevOps/SRE Dude by Day, Father and Writer/Musician by Night

Current Employment

  • Site Reliability Engineering Manager
    @ Arcadia
    July 2022 - Present
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer
    @ Arcadia
    April 2022 - Present
  • Employment History

  • Senior Software Team Lead: Development Operations @ KCF Technologies, Inc.
    Aug. 2019 - Mar 2022
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer @ Blackboard, Inc;
    Mar. 2018 – July 2019
  • Site Reliability Engineer @ OmniTI;
    May 2017 – Feb. 2018
  • Senior Systems Administrator @ Blackboard, Inc;
    Jul. 2016 – May 2017
  • Systems Manager @ ZedX, Inc;
    Mar. 2013- Jul. 2016
  • NOC Technician @ Accuweather, Inc;
    Sep. 2011 – Mar. 2013
  • Volunteer at IT Club Help Desk @ PSU
    Sep. 2010-May 2011
  • Internship with Classroom and Lab Computing @ PSU;
    Summer 2010
  • For more details on the many roles and jobs I've had the pleasure of experiencing over the last 10 years.

    Extended Resume


    Pennsylvania State University

    I am a 2011 graduate of Pennsylvania State University’s Information Science and Technology program.


    Eagle Scout. August 19, 2007

    Wrote and recorded over 100 original songs

    Completed and Self-Published 3 novels

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    Father and DevOps/SRE Dude by Day, Father and Writer/Musician by Night

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