Network Administration

From Sept 2011 – March of 2013, I worked at AccuWeather, inc. as a Network Operations Center Technician. My main job duty was maintaining our data center. We monitored every machine 24/7 in order to maintain our worldwide services. I also worked trouble tickets that may be related to anything from clients unable to get their faxes, FTP failures, problems with any of our services, incorrect information on our website, to first response on in-house technical issues. Daily, we would work with following types of systems and technologies Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Mac Servers, VMS, VM ware, Citrix, and a few Linux clusters.

During my education, I majored in IST with a strong focus on networking technology. For our final project we were required to set up a working network for a fictional company. The requirements for the final were to have three different offices located in different parts of the country be able to work and share information with one another, while being as security minded as possible. With a group of four other individuals and myself acting as team lead, we set up a Windows 2008 R2 server and a network using Cisco routers and switches that connected computers configured with every instance of Windows from 2000, XP, Vista, 7 to Ubuntu to a Macintosh. I was also in charge of setting up a Linux server running Fedora 12 that acted as a document server and using Apache as a web host. This project took an entire semester for us to complete, but the end results were very well received by our instructor.

Unfortunately, because I work for a company that is required to have a very large system support and engineering staff I have been unable do much more than basic maintenance and troubleshooting of our network and our many varied systems. This is one of the main reasons i am looking for another job as I would like a more hands on position that would allow me to get my hands dirty and really learn these systems in a way that the classroom cannot provide for fully.

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