Computer Support

Let me fix yours!

From Sept 2010-May 2011 I volunteered at a student help desk. Students and faculty of Penn State could bring in their personal computers and we would do our best to resolve their issues. The work was mainly removing viruses and upgrading computers to Windows 7. About once a month we would get a problem PC where it would take the whole group a much longer time to fix the error. Instances like these were usually hardware related due to spilled drinks or even worse smoke damage.

During this time, I also had a required course on computer repair that was very hands on and would often have us taking laptops and desktops apart and piecing them back together.

Before that I interned at Penn State University with their Computer Labs and Classrooms division of Teaching and Learning technology. During my short tenure we maintained almost all of the computer lab at the University park campus and replaced nearly 500 PC’s with new Dell 1850 systems. We also upgraded the rest of the computers from XP to 7, and Mac OS X to OS X.5 Anytime a computer would malfunction in the computer labs it was our jobs to find it, document the problem and either fix the problem or replace the computer with a new system. We were also responsible for the security of the computers and were required to tie every piece of hardware down with fiber cable that was connected to an alarm system.

Ever since about seventh grade when I became interested in computers i have repaired family and friends computers, set up their home networks, and saved many challenging issues. Just like people almost every computer is comprised of similar components and software, but in almost every case and trouble ticket created there was some new skill or trick to learn.

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